Ironic Identity

Why do you think immigrants, especially immigrants of second and third generation, tend to be more 'patriotic' than the people living in their own country? This was the question my mother asked me this morning while we were discussing France's upcoming election, the life of immigrants in France and Erdogan's recent election success. Why did... Continue Reading →

Hommage à la mer Australienne

Ma mer, je ne peux même pas dire que tu es mienne. Tu n’appartiens à personne, toi tu es la liberté même, tu es sauvage. Tes vagues sont tellement grandes que les touristes ont peur de toi, mais je sais, que tu continues à garder ton secret. Mer australienne, tu me manques. Pourtant, ton eau... Continue Reading →

Die Rückkehr

Sie erzählte mir dass es Jahre gewesen waren seitdem sie auf Deutsch geschrieben hatte. Sie wollte sich bei der deutschen Sprache entschuldigen. Sie hatte die Sprache verlassen, sie verprügelt und vielleicht auch ein bisschen verachtet aber was noch wichtiger war, sie hatte sie nicht mehr verteidigt und ihr nicht mehr zugehört. Jugendliche wissen sowieso nicht... Continue Reading →

Istanbul Ataturk Chaos

Complete chaos,  a loss of direction, a mass of people, all strangers to eachother. When we are suddenly all thrown together into uncertainty, we suddenly start to talk to eachother. -Where are you flying to? -Where are you coming from? -They took my passport, they are crazy, they don't want us [black-skinned people] to be... Continue Reading →

Language Journey

I wrote this article for the Language Café in the Netherlands. My name is Charlotte, I speak six languages and am learning my seventh at the Language Café in Groningen. The first time I was walking down the street towards this café, I was excited; a café full of people speaking different languages and exchanging... Continue Reading →


Apart from Islamophobes, which have increased in number in both America (with the new elections coming and candidate Trump's constant anti-muslim statements) and in Europe (due to the number of terrorist attacks caused by ISIS and other radical islamists), there are still many liberal, open-minded people who find it difficult to not link Islam with... Continue Reading →

Our Fragile Human Nature

Human Nature: Raw. Desperation. Beauty. Fear. Human nature is … so fragile. It is paper thin, like the wings of a butterfly. But people are so egocentric they only see themselves. And they think they are the only ones in the world who feel this intense fear inside themselves. Isn’t it our nature to be... Continue Reading →

Fashion in Senegal

Beauty is defined by society, by media, by culture and even by the individual himself. Every country has a different perspective of beauty. In Senegal, it is very common to buy one's own fabric and to give it to the tailor to be sewn nicely. Colours and long flowing fabrics are a common everyday sight.... Continue Reading →

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