Istanbul Ataturk Chaos

Complete chaos,  a loss of direction, a mass of people, all strangers to eachother.
When we are suddenly all thrown together into uncertainty, we suddenly start to talk to eachother.

-Where are you flying to?
-Where are you coming from?
-They took my passport, they are crazy, they don’t want us [black-skinned people] to be European!!
-But they gave it back to you?
-Yes yes…

-Go to the back of the line!!
-Hah it’s not that easy! We are all waiting!

Suddenly a fight breaks out. I cannot see because of the throng of people, the airport literally has become a sea of bodies originating from all corners of the world. It is almost like a grotesque orgy, people pushing and pulling limbs,  dragging luggage on sagging shoulders, people sprawled on the floor, exposed in vulnerability,  their eyes drooping with sleep.

The man shouts, screams and people try to create some distance, but there is no space. We hear a BOOM and then his voice comes to a stop.

The sea of voices drowns eveththe airport announcement. Nobody knows what is happening anyway. We kind up. Everywhere. Neverevereverending waiting lines.

An airport worker brings a trolley filled with sandwiches and drinks. To distribute to the sea of bodies. It is then that arms transform into paws, nails become claws and respect is a forgotten word.

How bestial, how egocentric do we become when left without guidance, food, shelter?
Is ‘survival of the fittest’ the enemy of solidarity ?
How powerful are our instincts as opposed to our emotions?

All this runs through my mind,  but where there is night there is also day. Lost in all this incomprehensibility, strangers share their stories, their names; shoulders support each other and loneliness is driven out.

In the end is it chaos then that produces the absolute essence of humanity?

And refugee camps?  I wonder…

Image courtesy: Hurriyet Daily News


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