The imminent arrival of departure

I know. I know.

Stop thinking about leaving. Enjoy your time now. Enjoy your last moments with the ones you love the most…

I want to forget that I am leaving in what…. 17 days, but…

Departure is in my head every single minute of the day. It is there when I talk to people, it is there when I stand on the terrace and look over Thiaroye, beautiful, messy Thiaroye. It is there when I laugh with people and when I my eyes fall asleep.

This departure looms over me like an ominous shadow, blurring the way I see things.

After having spent one whole year in Senegal, I just cannot keep calm at the thought of leaving all these people. When will I come back?

Once I leave, all these experiences, all these people, all these places will be gone, floating in a wind of memories…

But I want, I need, to promise to myself that even though I cannot stop thinking about this departure I will stay positive throughout these last few days and make the most of my stay. Most importantly of all, I don’t want to sadden people by letting the fear flowing through my body take hold of me.

So I will smile, breathe in Senegal and look forwards, forwards, forwards.



3 thoughts on “The imminent arrival of departure

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  1. The last days are the worse… knowing that you have to leave is almost worse than actually leaving the place. I guess now you understand my sleep walking and dreams a few days before leaving hahah But is going to be alright, is hard to go back but missing people and places is better than having nothing to miss! I read your blog during all the year and just now I realised i could follow it that would be easier than searching for the link on you fb! I miss you ❤

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