There are so many interesting people in this world…

Sometimes I think it is so unfortunate that I cannot get to know all these people in a deeper sense. Because everybody has something deep inside them that represents everything they do, everything they think.

If we do not speak, if we never try to express what we have inside us, then how can we be sure to know ourselves?



One thought on “PEOPLE

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  1. interesting subject indeed.
    I do agree with you on your first comment. Everyone in this world has something special to offer. Would wars and barbarity and cruelness still exist, if everyone were able to see their own particular gift and to recognize the specific talents in others?
    But I am not sure that you actually have to verbalize or even exteriorize everything to make it exist. What about thoughts? In other words, do you thing that thoughts can not be extant without words? Do you think that maybe thoughts first made their appearance first when human being were able to utter words? Maybe they did, maybe not…

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