Authorial Sickness

Why do we have those moments when we cannot stop…writing?
When the words flow from one’s fingers as if they were one’s own blood?…
But what is this prick which pierces the skin, which creates the flow of inspiration?

I wonder if in life, if one is just too tired, if one has just so many things to do…

Do we lose the need to write?
Do we lose this need, this authorial need, sometimes so important for our personal well-being???

Sometimes I am so tired that I cannot even think about writing.

I wonder if, to become a true writer, if we are supposed to be, in some way anti-social?
I see… A huge, old mansion. Full of dark unused rooms. One window is alight in this black night. It is so tiny however, that it is but a small yellow spot, swallowed into nothingness. This yellow light, a candle just enough to create shadows in obscurity. And in this obscurity a hand is writing furiously.

Does an author, a true author, need to be bathed in solitude in order to find sufficient drive, sufficient inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Authorial Sickness

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  1. Dear Globetrotter,
    if I had to answer your question, I would say, yes, even somebody who felt the urge to fill pages with thoughts, fillings and emotions can wake-up one day and wonder: where has this craving been lost? Sometimes, building a life around the one you love can take all your energy for a while. You pose for a moment one morning and wonder: when did I stop writing? And have I missed it? Well, maybe you did, but didn’t realized it. But that is OK, days will come, when you will once more have time to write. Days where you are again on your own, because the children have grown up. And you will find back your old pen, some lonely and nearly untouched journal and you will start writing… about the beautiful life you have had, when you didn’t have time for writing…

  2. Charlotte, writing can be a solitary experience, however contact with people and travel gives you the ideas. I think creative thinking comes and goes, and life can interrupt the writing process. I’d say go with the flow, and don’t be worried about the down times. The brain needs a rest. Time to gather new ideas! Happy Traveling! Happy Writing! Christine

    1. Thank You Christine for your beautiful message! It definitely made me feel better about writing. Sometimes writing is very hard, but hearing the opinions of others truly helps us understand more…

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