What African Animal Are You?


When someone is filled with jealousy, Namibians like to say they are “jealous like a hippo.” Hippos are easily jealous, bu they have kindred spirits. However, they like staying within their own group of friends and family so that when confronted with someone they don’t know they can become very aggressive.
They love the water and live a simple life. They have immense physical strength and don’t like being alone.

DSCF4471      DSCF4475

Baboons are very cheeky, confident, social and have a good sense of humour. They can be very annoying but it is always fun to be around them. They don’t judge you on your looks but on your talents.
For example, how good you are at removing fleas.


Giraffes are often very good-looking and are always elegant, no matter where they are. They can be picky with their food and like to take their time when eating. They are shy creatures and sometimes like to spend their time in solitude.


If you are male, you are very lazy, but you will do anything to protect your family.
If you are female, you are fierce and you provide the food for your family.
Both male and female lions love sleeping in the sun. They also love their children.


Crocodiles are very fast and sly animals. They love solitude and the sun. They are not very social. Often they go unnoticed in large crowds, but are actually very intelligent. Sometimes they are not what they seem and thus can not be very dangerous.


Elephants like spending time around people. They are often generous and helpful. However, they are not very independent. They are very patient and are able to endure long distances.

African Fish Eagle:

African Fish Eagles like to travel in solitude. They like to eat fish when they can. Sometimes they can be very selfish. When they have a goal upon their mind, they never give up.


Rhinos are very stubborn. They will do anything to get to the one they love. Males are solitary while females like to voyage in groups. As they are very headstrong, rhinos can be very violent when provoked.

So what African animal are you?

P.S. If none of these animals fit you, please add your own! (From anywhere in the world.)


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