Smoking Thunder

Smoking Thunder -that’s the nickname the people of Zimbabwe give Victoria Falls.

Even when you are kilometres away, you can see a plume of what looks like smoke, but is actually water, rise far into the sky. It looks as if a huge fire is burning constantly in the distance.
And then there is the noise. A sound like that of growling thunder, foreshadowing the tremendous force of the falls.

However, it is only when you stand upon the edge of a cliff and look down into the churning white swirls of water, it is only when you gaze upon a powerful blue curtain rushing down into nothingness, that you are able to understand the true beauty of the falls.

And it is absolutely breathtaking.

The closer you get to the falls and the rainforest that surrounds it, the more you get ‘rained’ upon. The force of the cascades sprays water into the air, so that the silver tears of Vic Falls descend upon its surrounding landscape.
In the afternoon the sun turns the wet grass, which grows upon the cliff edge, into a sparkling carpet of green.

At some points, you look left and right and all you see are huge waterfalls extending into the distance, while sometimes a rainbow builds a bridge between two cliffs. Then there is the mist, hanging eerily in the air, hiding the horizon from our eyes.

Surrounded by Vic Falls, by Smoking Thunder, I feel as if I were living in a fairy tale or rather like in a mysterious dream in which reality is disregarded as an illusion.


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