Coffs Harbour -Travel Review


Coffs Harbour, a seaside town in the north of NSW, is…nice but that’s all it pretty much is.

Driving through its streets, the sun is shining perfectly and I cannot help but think that this city is only made up of holiday houses. I wonder if anybody actually lives here?

Does the city become a city of shadows, a town of ghostly figures during winter?

As a holiday destination this town is perfect if you don’t mind finding yourself staying in a street full of holiday houses and if you want to take a rest from big cities such as Sydney.

My opinion is surely bound to be biased as I only stayed for a few days and did not venture out that far as I was studying for my baccalaureate exams, but to be honest… Coffs Harbour is boring.

DSCF3976            DSCF3997

Sure, they have nice beaches, but they are nice, not beautiful like Sydney beaches with their soft sugary sand and meter high waves.

Surfing can be good in Coffs Harbour. Head to Diggers Beach and you will surely enjoy the chill nature of the locals and the foaming white waves. However, why not spare you the long car ride from the city and just surf in Sydney instead? If you are looking for a nice place to eat, sure you can find it, especially if you head off to Emerald Beach, but why don’t you simply go dining in a delicious restaurant in Sydney?

As humans, I think that we often are unable to feel on ‘holiday’ when we stay in the city we live in. We feel the need to voyage into the distance and release all the stress we have accumulated through time; we want to feel ‘free’.

I think it all depends what you want when you travel. I know I long for complete difference, adventure, for a culture shock so strong, that I cannot breathe. My heart beats for music, colours and emotion. I am sorry Coffs Harbour, but I don’t think you have that.


Maybe I am being too harsh upon this seaside town. Maybe I simply have not explored it in the proper way, so make sure that if you do drive to Coffs Harbour that you do!

And if your itinerary is from Sydney to Coffs, make sure you stop by the beautiful and picturesque little town of Bellingen, which has a real rural charm, lovely architecture and cute coffee shops.

Further Info:

Photos by Charlie Espalotta


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