Where do you come from?

The steaming cup of coffee in front of me seems to come from another world. The golden brown liquid is a part of the of the ongoing bistro chatter, the roaring laughter of the barman and the clinking of cutlery, while my figure, even though sitting in the dark corner, seems to stand out like... Continue Reading →

L’arène de Nîmes and australian history

I was giving a French class yesterday and was telling my australian student how I had visited the beautiful city of Nîmes and its impressive roman arena. She told me that this was what was missing in Australia: ancient history, with buildings that are centuries old. And I remembered that I had thought pretty much... Continue Reading →

The waitress

The repetition of her walk was light with ease, her figure clothed in uniform black. Plateau after plateau upon the table, “spring rolls, tempura prawns and salmon nigiri”, she said with a forced smile on her face, the oily condiments glistening on the table. How the popularity of this restaurant had remained stable throughout the... Continue Reading →

Niali Ndir

Après avoir aidé Yaye avec le diner, je descends au pied de l’île et regarde le soleil se coucher. Assise sur les rochers je contemple ce ballon doré se plonger dans la mer. Doucement, doucement comme s’il voulait rester encore un peu de notre côté, avant que la nuit sombre nous enveloppe. Le ponton, normalement... Continue Reading →

She Walks

She walks, the sand burying her feet, the wind whirling her hair about her face. The crash of waves… She walks closer to the edge of the wall, coldness and saltiness clamming at her. How free she felt! Dipping her legs amidst the tumultuous waves without being hurt... How wonderful. A calming pool that contains... Continue Reading →

Combattre le racisme avec des chatons

"Comme vous éprouvez tout de même une certaine culpabilité face à votre faible engagement pour le pays ou vous êtes née, de temps à autre vous vous obligez à réfléchir à une campagne de lutte contre le racisme; la peine de mort ayant déjà été abolie, il vous semble que c'est encore la meilleure manière... Continue Reading →

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